Friday, December 5, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Thanks so much natalie, you are the sweetest!!

This tag involves 7 fun random facts!

#1. I have had a crush on Johnny Depp since I can remember! (I swear he is my soul mate...dump that darn Vanessa already johnny!)

#2. I LOVE pee wee herman! I still watch Pee Wee's playhouse on dvd!

#3. I love the smell of wet naps, Mmmm lemony!

#4. I wish I could live in Hawaii!

#5. I love flying!

#6. I have a graphic designer degree...wish I could do something with it!

#7. I collect Nutcrackers! I have quite a few, I love them!

I'm tagging these 7 ladiez.. i think they will have
lots of fun random facts to share with Me!!

***Carole*** ***Emily*** ***Amy*** ***Lynda*** ***Jessica*** ***Angela*** ***Denise***

Thanks to all my new followers! I feel sooo special!
Keep coming back I love to hear what you ladies have to tell me!!
Till Later!


Tinker's Mom said...

What fun answers! I love that! Your projects are adorable. I want to see more!!

Femin Susan said...

Your blog is really interesting... Keep posting....Good Luck...Welcome to my blog...

Merry Christmas and happy New year.

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Thanks for the tag...I posted my random facts!
Have a wonderful day!