Thursday, June 11, 2009

Twist and Smoosh Ribbon tutorial!!

Hey everyone!
I wanted to show everyone how I do the ribbon technique taught to me from my SU demo! She thought of this all on her own! It is really cool and I love using it!!

I dont have video so I took a series of pictures and hope I can tell you good enough how to do it! It is pretty easy. I call it the twist and smoosh technique :) So here goes!!

Here are all my supplies I used, my QKD stamps, handy dandy Unity B handle, my scissors, my cardstock already cut out, my ribbon and my sticky strip. I have my card already pre assembled so all I have to do is throw it together.

I put my sticky strip in the middle of the paper I want to go directly onto my card base.

I tried to keep it pretty straight across.

make sure it wraps around the back a bit so you can attach the ribbon ends back there hidden. You then remove the red backing of the tape.
Attatch one end of the ribbon on one side back.
I leave the ribbon on the roll if possible, if you want to cut it make sure you cut extra for the twisting and smooshing! You want to start on one end and work from that end across to the other side.
You start by twisting the ribbon, just like a twisty tie just one twist, then smoosh that twist down onto the sticky strip.
Then twist again... and then smoosh again... make sure you keep twisting in the same direction throughout the whole time.
Keep going like that the whole time, twist one time then smoosh, twist another time then smoosh, keeping the twists not too big and close together is the best!
You get a ripply effect! Still twisting...
and then Smooshing down onto the sticky strip...

When you get to the end snip it off with some to wrap around the back and stick to the sticky strip.

Here is my final piece of paper with the ribbon technique all the way across.
You can make it look like you want but this is how mine turns out.

Here is my final card fully assembled.

Stamps Used: Russian Dolls, Your My...-Queen kat designs
Paper Used: Pink armadillo My Paper Studio
Ink Used: Versafine Black Onyx
Accessories Used: Whisper white satin ribbon SU, sticky strip, copics, crystal effects covering the dolls completely.
Hope you learned how to do this technique any questions email me
Till Later!!


Alison said...

ooh Jacquie! Thank you so much for posing the directions on how to do this technique! It's so pretty but is really easy to do! I'll def. be doing it on a project soon! Your pics were a big help! Thanks so much!!!

Margie said...

Oooooo! Thanx so much for posting!
I didn't realize how easy it is!
I need to give a try ;)
Thanx!!! :*)

Dani said...

Thank so much for posting this! I like it with the pictures, sometimes I don't have time to watch a video.

Michelle said...

Great tutorial! I love what you did with the nesting doll stamps too!

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Very cool, Jacquie! TSMFS! :)

Eve said...

Thanks for posting it! I will give it a try!!! Great directions!!!

Donna Maria said...

Ohhhh sweetie that's soooo cool...I will be giving it a go today...when I wake up! I'm sooooo tired! Xx

Julie said...

Jacquie, first of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this awesome tutorial! I am definitely going to be trying that. But...then I saw the Russian Doll Stamp!! Oh my, is that ever adorable. My daughter has one of those dolls and I totally love it. I'm gonna need that stamp!!! Thank you again!

Lara said...

Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial! I can't wait to use it on a project!

Jen said...

Wow Jacquie..I luv this ribbon tutorial...thanks for sharing!!

sumbine said...

Thank you for this great tutorial.
The ribbon looks great!


Tina said...

Great tutorial and card!

Jennifer said...

Great tutorial and technique~! May I post it on my blog for others to see?


Sandie C said...

Thanks so heaps for the great tutorial for how you did this wonderful ribbon feature. My ribbon drawer will not be safe for a while as I can heaps of cards having this great ribbon feature on them in the not too distant future.